About our Program

 Wolfle's Developmental Preschool focuses on strengthening each child's unique talents and celebrating their new learning.  Three through five year olds join together in exploring their senses and how their bodies move, work, and play. Typically developing children and children with special needs learn together in a well-staffed and well-suppllied class. 

     The preschool program is a highly structured program in which students discover, play and learn. Each student knows where to be and what is expected, creating a safe and predictable learning environment. There are opportunities for free choice time and outside play within the school day. Students practice and learn school routines such as sitting at Circle Time, attending and participating in small and large group activities, lining up and walking in line, taking turns and sharing with peers. Below is an overview of our daily activities:

   Circle Time is dynamic and interactive with opportunities for student choice, turns, participation, and communication with lots of songs, actions, stories, acting out of stories and academic concepts such as colors, shapes, letters, numbers and concepts. Fun themes create a framework for class activities and art projects. 

     Centers are small group activities. Students rotate to each center in 1-15 minute intervals. Centers include dramatic play, art, pre-academic activities, fine motor skills and independent work skills. There are opportunities for one-on-one instruction when needed.  

     Free Choice Time offers opportunities for students to choose to play in different areas in the classroom, including sensory play (sensory table, playdough, light table etc.), art, dramatic play (themed play, kitchen, dress up, dolls), legoes, cars, blocks and games. Students have name cards to match to spaces at each play area. If all the spaces are full, the student must make another choice. This keeps centers from becoming too crowded and students are encouraged to explore a variety of play options. 

     Recess provides an opportunity for students to develop their gross motor muscles climbing on our play structure and sliding down, crawling through a tunnel, riding a tricycle, running around the grass or sitting in the gazebo, all within the boundaries of a fenced in area with staff supervision. Indoor recess may include more free choice play time or a romp in our indoor gym in one of the school portables. 

     Wolfle also has a nature trail full of trees and trails that is accessed from a gate on the back playground of the school. It is a fun place to take a class walk and gather fauna for class projects or to look for a bear during our Bear Hunt Theme. 

     Snack time is a time for us to sit together, share a snack and work on manners, fine motor skills, social behaviors and communication. Parents contribute a large snack item to the class once a month, and we share together. Individual allergies are accomodated with parental notice.

     Friends become more and more important to young children as they approach four years old.  Giving young children time to play, explore, and learn from each other, strengthens not only their communication skills but their problem solving skills.  Children also learn academic skills from listening, watching and helping each other.

  Our staff works and problem solves together to discover the talents and potential of each child in our care.