Welcome to Second Grade!

Together we are going to have a year full of learning, adventure, and fun! The rich curriculum in second grade takes us traveling to the Bainbridge Island Art Museum, Point No Point Beach and Lighthouse, and the S'Klallam Tribal Center to study the basic elements and geography of the community around us. In science, we investigate the basic properties of solids and liquids, explore the differences and uses of pebbles, sand, and silt, and observe life cycles of insects. This year, second graders tackle triple-digit addition and subtraction after learning all their math facts. Students will also work with fractions, place value, and geometry! Second graders become strong writers and learn to write detailed paragraphs to entertain, persuade, and inform their readers. This year, second grade students blossom into independent readers who make connections and ask questions about the material they are reading, and learn to recount a story. Our art investigations and projects are inspired by many of our studies. Second grade is truly a year of growth, exploration, and confidence building!

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Room Phone: 360-396-3728
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