Meet the Title I / LAP Staff
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The Wolfle
    Learning Support Staff

The Learning Support staff includes Stephanie Pugh, TOSA , Tim Knapp TOSA and 8  para-educators:  Miki Carlson, Diane Van Diest, Ella Jacobs, Sharyl Lamsma, Stephanie Wadley and Emilia Altman.  Shelly Worall is our Kindergarten para educator and Ana Olmedo is our ELL para-educator. Para-educators are highly trained instructional assistants who work under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher and TOSA.  All Wolfle para-educators or instructional assistants have met the requirements of Washington State and federal laws for "highly qualified staff." Learning Support services include TITLE I, English Language Learners, Kindergarten Intervention and the Learning Assistance Program (LAP).