Muniz, Patricia - Developmental Preschool
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About Me
 My name is Pat Muñiz, and I have 3 adult children. I have been a preschool special education teacher since 2004 in California and Washington. Prior to that I taught special education and bilingual education from preschool through college in Haiti, Mexico, and the United States. I hold teaching credentials in elementary education, bilingual education, special education, and early childhood special education. I grew up in Canada and lived for 12 years in Mexico before returning to the States in 1999. I speak English and Spanish fluently. I believe in a strong home-school connection. In my experience, students who are served by a strong team, formed of family, teachers and other service providers, benefit the most from early intervention. I am eager to be part of the educational team that serves your child and to work alongside you to provide for your child's educational needs.