Adult Volunteer Opportunities

The opportunities to volunteer at Wolfle are endless … limited only by one’s imagination. Volunteers comReading Corp. Volunteere in all shapes, sizes and ages. They come two legged and even four legged! They help students build exploding boxes, and catapults for science classes, or raise the sails on sailing ships as part of social studies curriculum. Volunteers have lunch with kids, teach them to read, teach them to play. Volunteers work with students to maintain our garden, put a roof on the gazebo, help kids paint murals on our walls. Volunteers help us package up food to send to Africa, help us raise money for technology.
The possibilities are truly endless. As you can see, volunteers are welcomed, recruited and viewed as essential partners in promoting student learning and a sense of community at Wolfle. We could not operate without our volunteers, let alone thrive. Whether you wish to volunteer daily, a day a week, or only once in a blue moon, we have something here for you!
  • Reading Corps volunteers provide individual tutoring to students and are considered one of the core groups of our volunteer force.
  • Math volunteers are becoming more and more popular and increasingly important as a cornerstone of our volunteer program.
  • AGATE volunteers provide enrichment in math and reading for students who need additional challenges above and beyond the regular curriculum.
  • Art Docent volunteers enrich the art curriculum for all students and their efforts are seen throughout the school in increasingly wonderful ways.
  • Lunch Buddy volunteers eat weekly with students who need a friend or mentor to connect with in a special way.
  • Volunteers are becoming increasingly valuable by offering classes to students after school in arts & crafts, science, martial arts, cooking, gardening, woodworking and a myriad of other activities in which they have talents and skills. 
  • Volunteers are also welcome in individual classrooms for tutoring, clerical assistance, field trips and special projects. They are invaluable to the success of special activities such as Family Reading Nights, Field Day, Whale Camp and more.
  • Volunteers are the backbone of PTA activities: Santa’s Breakfast, Walk-A-Thon, Carnival, and so many of the other fundraisers, activities and events that keep our school running and successful.
Best yet, our volunteers come from all walks of life … many are not even parents of Wolfle children! Community volunteVolunteer Parents @ Starbase Atlantisers, senior citizens, local organizations, AS WELL as parents, make up a diverse and rich cadre of volunteers that help to make Wolfle what it is today.
If you are interested in volunteering at Wolfle, contact our school office at 396-3701, or  for more information.