Emergency Info

In the event of an emergency anywhere in the North Kitsap School District, you can obtain accurate information from these sources:
  • The North Kitsap School District website homepage, www.nkschools.org
  • The school district’s recorded message line at 360-779-3971
  • KIRO radio — 710 AM and KOMO radio –1000 AM and local television stations
  • Or visit the Public Schools Emergency Communications System (PSECS) at http://www.psecs.wednet.edu 
To receive other emergency planning or emergency preparedness information:
  • The Department of Homeland Secuity website, ready.gov, has a wealth of information about emergency planning.
  • Kitsap County’s Department of Emergency Management website, http://www.kitsapdem.org  also contains important planning information.
Family Emergency Plans - Emergency situations occasionally arise which may require school schedule delays, closures, or changes in transportation. Each family should have a plan covering actions to take in emergency situations (i.e., inclement weather, natural disasters, fire, etc.).  Parents should assure that current emergency information such as phone numbers, emergency contact person(s), is on file at their child's school. Parents and children should be prepared in advance for certain situations including: what to do if a bus does not arrive due to road conditions, accidents or breakdowns; who to call or where to go for help; interim care for your child during unforeseen school closures and early release. Be aware that under certain emergency conditions, it may be necessary to send students home early.
For the most current information on delays or closures, call the North Kitsap recorded message line at 779-3971. Radio/TV stations listed below will also be announcing schedule changes by district name after 6:00 a.m. Announcements are for one day only. Schools will be operating on normal schedules if no announcement is made. However, parents should use their own discretion in determining whether to send their child(ren) to school if they feel conditions in their particular area are not safe.
Please help us keep the regular phone lines open for emergencies and avoid calling the school or transportation office for routine information. Do not send students to bus stops or school until you verify school is in session.
When it is necessary to close schools or operate on a modified schedule, the message line, radio and television stations listed below will regularly announce the emergency information using the following standard phrases to describe the schedule for that day:
Schools closed - All schools will be closed for one day only. All meetings, field trips, after school activities will be canceled for the day unless otherwise announced.
Limited bus service - When transportation limitations are in effect, for safety reasons there will be no bus or van service in certain areas.
Buses operating on limited transportation routes - In the event of snow or other emergency conditions, transportation routes will be consolidated for safety purposes. Please be aware of extreme road conditions in your specific area and be prepared with alternate plans for transportation.
County road restrictions - County roads may be closed by order of the County Engineer.  In this case, announcements will be made after notification by county officials.
Late start - Bus schedules and schools will begin two hours late. Students will be dismissed at the regular time unless there is a specific announcement regarding early dismissal. Listen for specific information regarding morning and afternoon kindergarten/preschool sessions and other special programs. No breakfast will be served on a two-hour delay schedule. 
No out of district transportation - There will be no transportation to any programs outside our district for any students.
No kindergarten - There will be no morning or afternoon kindergarten.
No morning or afternoon preschool, kindergarten, and Headstart - There may be occasions when either morning or afternoon sessions will be canceled even though other programs/classes are held.
KOMO 1000
KLAY 1180
KITZ 1400
KIRO 710
KIXI 880
KMPS 94.1
KBSG 97.3
KRWM 106.9
KMTT 103.7
KUOW 94.9
KPLU 88.5
KGY 96.9
KSER 90.7
KYCW 96.5
KVTI 90.9