What's Unique about Wolfle?

Things That Make Wolfle Unique ...

Different ... Special!

(A.K.A. ... Things That Make Wolfle ... Wolfle!)

art Each school has things that make it unique … the programs it offers, the people it serves, the history and background that make it what it is. Wolfle is no exception. There are many special and wonderful programs going on at Wolfle that meet the needs and interests of our school community.

Wolfle Elementary School is a warm and inviting place that has worked hard to increase student achievement as shown by steadily increasing test scores. But our focus is not test scores. Rather, our focus is on preparing students for a world of unknown challenges and ready to become responsible citizens, capable of mastering skill sets and succeeding in careers we can't even imagine today.

We accomplish this by nurturing a spirit of life-long learning, emphasizing our dependence on each other by creating supportive and collaborative relationships.

crazy kids We extend ourselves further by developing a respect for nature and a sense of responsibility for the environment, and the people and creatures that share the earth. We also seek to prepare them for our technological culture, so that they can become students skilled in adapting to the ever changing world of digital media.

Wolfle Elementary School is a place where teachers and staff work with one another to provide a rich and meaningful education for each student. They meet regularly to collaborate and discuss student achievement and behavior, and make adjustments to instruction to help students be successful.

FRN Wolfle Elementary School is a place where parent and community volunteerism and participation is encouraged and valued. Volunteers perform a wide variety of functions as they assist student's learning mathematics and reading, help children to discover through the arts or wide variety of other areas.

In short, Wolfle Elementary School is a diverse community who comes together to support everyone who walks through its doors to be the very best for the world, rather than the best in the world. Think about it!