Wolfle Story Pole

Story PoleWhy a Story Pole?

The Wolfle Story Pole was created, carved, and installed as a symbol of the unity and relationship between the communities of Wolfle School and the S'Klallam Tribal Community. The connection between the two communities dates back to David Wolfle and continues to be strong and healthy.

The Carvers & the Ceremony

Story PoleThe pole was carved by S'Klallam Master Carvers and brothers Jake and Floyd Jones and Ed Charles. Master of Ceremonies for the Installation of the Story Pole was Dennis Jones (son of Jake and then native Liaison staff member at Wolfle). The Installation Ceremony took place on September 25, 2007.

A pictorial history Story Pole Dedication by Angelynn & Kenneth Lynn (presented to Floyd and Jake Jones) can be found in the Wolfle Library.

History of the Creation of the Story Pole

Story PoleThe original design of the Story Pole began with ideas and drawings by students of Wolfle. These drawings and ideas were submitted to the Master Carvers, who then created their final design.

The entire student body was bussed to the Tribal Center at Little Boston to visit the Carving Shed and learn about Story Poles.

There, students toured several Story Poles and learned about their history, cultural significance, and symbolism, as well as the stories each one told.

Story PoleThey visited the House of Knowledge and other sites of significance.

Story PoleThe tour ended with a presentation by Master Carvers Jake and Floyd Jones at the Carving Shed. Students learned about the tools that would be used (both traditional and modern tools and techniques) and were able to observe, touch, and smell firsthand the weathered cedar log that would soon be transformed into the Wolfle Story Pole.

Over the next several months, vanloads of 6-8 students were taken three days a week to the Carving Shed to journal, photograph, and participate in the carving of the Story Pole. Different students of all ages and all grades were taken on each trip.Story Pole

In the late spring, as the project neared completion, the entire student body was once again bussed to Little Boston to witness and experience the flying of wood chips, the magical forms taking shape in the log, the aroma of the cedar, the viscosity of the paint, and the gentle patience of the carvers.

Story PoleBy the fall of the new school year, the night before the Installation Ceremony, members of the Little Boston S'Klallam Community, Wolfle Staff, and residents of Kingston gathered almost impromptu to raise the Story Pole into its final resting place. Community members and local businesses donated trucks, cranes, and scaffolding to transport, lift and secure the pole in place. A local church donated plants and manpower to landscape the garden area directly around the pole. A community acting in harmony, many hands and backs and voices pitched in to raise the pole that stands proudly today.

Story PoleFollowing the Installation Ceremony, which is customary for all in attendance to receive gifts, a dinner was held for the adults immediately after school ended. That was perhaps the highlight of the entire Story Pole journey … when people from all backgrounds, walks of life, and cultures sat together to share laughter, smiles, stories, and food. They shared themselves.

And that is what the Wolfle Story Pole is all about!