Student Volunteer Opportunities

At Wolfle, we strive to instill in our students a sense of giving to their community through volunteerism while also beginning to prepare them for the world of work. As with Adult Volunteers, the opportunities are abundant. Students have various jobs in classrooms that they must fulfill. Listed below are two of the programs that are offered school-wide.

Meaningful Work Program:

We have a Meaningful Work Program that allows students to assume responsibility, pride, and ownership for various roles throughout the school. The jobs, which are quite popular, include disc jockey (morning announcements), raising and lowering the school flag, office runners, helping in the computer lab, mail delivery, and more. To prepare them for the real workplace, students must apply and compete for these jobs, interview, and maintain good work ethics and skills.


Recess Mediator:

Our Mediator Program offers opportunities for 5th graders to provide leadership and problem-solving skills on the playground. Students work in teams of two to help younger students (grades K-4) resolve problems and conflicts at recess.