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Our School

Home of the Wolf Pack

David Wolfle Elementary


School Mission Statement

Wolfle strives to create a diverse and safe place where students are encouraged to act with kindness, respect, and bring their best selves where ever they go.

School Motto

Wolfle Wolves are safe, respectful, responsible, and kind!

School Code of Conduct

  1. Wolfle Wolves are safe, respectful, responsible, and kind!
  2. Come to school ready to learn.
  3. Behave in a way that builds a positive learning environment. 
  4. Use courteous manners.  Accept directives and follow directions.
  5. Show good sportsmanship. 
  6. Walk in the building with our hands to ourselves. 
  7. Respect property. 
  8. Pass on kindness each day.

School Mascot

David Wolfle Elementary School's mascot is the wolf. The wolf symbolizes strength, loyalty, and intelligence. It also represents the school's commitment to promoting teamwork, collaboration, and community engagement. The wolf is an important part of the school's culture and is prominently featured in various school events, including assemblies, and spirit days. The school takes great pride in its mascot and strives to instill the values associated with the wolf in its students.

David Wolfle Elementary School
27089 Highland Road NE
Kingston, WA 98346
(360) 396-3700
Fax (360) 396-3917
Bethany LaHaie
Elementary School Principal
(360) 396-3702

Attendance Hotline
(360) 396-3700 - option 1

Leanne Ling
Office Manager
(360) 396-3701

Sancheen Collins
Counseling Center
(360) 396-3716

Amy Zampardo
Attendance Secretary
(360) 396-3704

Mayra Gaal
(360) 396-3725