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Counseling Center

The David Wolfle Elementary Counseling Center, led by School Counselor Sancheen Collins, M.Ed., is an invaluable resource for our school community. With a focus on students' social, emotional, and academic well-being, the counseling center provides a safe and confidential space for students to seek guidance and support. Sancheen collaborates with teachers, parents, and staff to create a nurturing environment that promotes positive mental health and academic success.

Through individual and group counseling sessions, the counseling center addresses various needs, including academic guidance, personal and social development, and crisis intervention. Sancheen's expertise and community connections allow her to provide appropriate referrals and resources when necessary, ensuring that students receive comprehensive support.

Parents and guardians can trust the counseling center as a valuable resource for their child's social-emotional needs. By working together with Sancheen, we can foster a supportive environment where students can thrive and succeed at David Wolfle Elementary.

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David Wolfle Elementary School Counseling Center
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Sancheen Collins, M.Ed.
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