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David Wolfle Library

David Wolfle Elementary Library plays a vital role in fostering a love for reading and supporting the educational needs of students. Located within the school premises, the library offers a safe and engaging space for students to explore a wide variety of books and resources. It serves as a hub for learning, providing access to diverse literature, reference materials, and educational resources. The library staff is dedicated to promoting literacy and assisting students in their quest for knowledge. With a focus on creating a positive and nurturing environment, the David Wolfle Elementary Library encourages students to develop critical thinking skills, discover new interests, and enhance their reading abilities. Through its rich collection and dedicated staff, the library strives to empower students and foster a lifelong love for reading and learning.

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David Wolfle Elementary School Library
27089 Highland Road NE
Kingston WA 98346
(360) 396-3725

Mayra Gaal
Library Media Specialist
(360) 396-3725